Dog and Cat Grooming                 
Grooming is not just to make your pet look “cute” (even though it does) but is also          

a fundamental part of your pet’s health and wellbeing.            






                Regular pet grooming enhances your pet’s coat,

     such as hot spots and extreme dryness, helps pets with

     allergies, prevents mats which can cause serious skin

     issues, ensures regular overall examinationof your pets

     ears, teeth and eyes and makes them

     comfortable and refreshed!


prevents skin irritations


   At Pawz at Play we pride ourselves in the care we give each pet –

   and grooming is no different! With over 16 years of experience our

   exceptional grooming staff makes your pet’s health, safety and comfort

   our first priority!


Departure Service
A departure service is a service we offer to clients who’ve been boarding with us. At the end of their stay your pet

can get a bath, brush (no de-matting), nail trim and ear cleaning. *Price varies based on breed.

The Bath Package
This is a great deal for those times you are in between haircuts or just need a good cleaning up. You receive

a bath, brush, nail trim, ear cleaning, teeth brushing and a trim up of the face, feet, and the fanny area.

     *Price varies based on breed.

Groom Package
This full service groom includes the haircut, a bath, brush, nail trim, ear cleaning, and teeth brushing.

     *Price varies based on breed.


     Furminating Shed-less Package

     This service can be added on to any Bath Package or Groom

     Package. In addition to receiving the above listed services

     your pet will receive a deep cleansing shampoo, deep conditioner

     and a thorough brushing using the Furminatior brush. You will

     also receive 2 additional free brush outs that are generally

     scheduled 7 to 10 days after the initial treatment.

         *Price varies based on breed.



Additional Services
Don’t need the full bath or groom package?

No problem! The following services can be done separately as well!


  • Nail Trim or Nail Dremel    $12
  • Anal Glands                        $10
  • Ear cleaning                       $8
  • Teeth Brushing                  $10
  • Brush out                           *Price varies based on breed
  • Flea Bath                            *Price varies based on breed.



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Maintenance Schedule
We offer a maintenance

schedule for those clients who

would prefer to have a set appointment every few weeks.


If you sign up for a maintenance

schedule you will receive a $5 discount starting with your 2nd appointment.


Maintenance plans can be scheduled 2 to 6 weeks apart.

 *Price varies based on breed.